• Jennifer Simmons (2004-2005)

    Jennifer Simmons (2004-2005)

    I started my health career as a registered nurse in Belize, working in maternal and child health. Having exhausted the educational opportunities in my natal land, I emigrated to the U.S. in 1990 and obtained […]

  • Laura Chyu (Fellow 2005-06)

    Laura Chyu (Fellow 2005-06)

    Title of Dissertation: “Cumulative Physiological Dysregulation Among Women in the United States: Sociodemographic Correlates and Implications for Self-Rated Health” Link to Dissertation Research Interests: Roles of stress, biological, and social risk factors in health, development, […]

  • Jennifer Toller Erausquin  (2005-06)

    Jennifer Toller Erausquin (2005-06)

    Title of Dissertation: “HIV Knowledge and Behaviors Among Women In the Dominican Republic and Haiti: A Multilevel Study of the Importance of Individual, Relationship, and Community Characteristics” Link to Dissertation Research Interests: Social determinants of […]