• Subasri Narasimhan (2017-18)

    Subasri Narasimhan (2017-18)

    Title of dissertation:  “Intimate partner violence and contraceptive use in Kenya” Research interests:  My research interests focus on women’s and couples’ fertility decisions and examination of barriers contributing to the unmet need for contraceptives including […]

  • Drew Anne Westmoreland (2017-18)

    Drew Anne Westmoreland (2017-18)

    Title of dissertation:  “Risky Business: Sexual health behaviors, butt stuff, & whether people will talk about it” Research interests: My research interests focus on sexual risk behaviors and sexually transmitted disease (STD) epidemiology, and the […]

  • Dhanalakshmi Thirumalai (2009-11)

    Dhanalakshmi Thirumalai (2009-11)

    Title of Dissertation: “Prevalence of Domestic Violence and It’s Correlates and Determinants with HIV Infection Among South Indian Women” Research Interests: Maternal and child health; HIV/AIDS; bio-ethics