Reproductive Health Interest Group

The Reproductive Health Interest Group (RHIG) is a registered graduate student group at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health. Founded in 2002, RHIG brings together students, faculty, and staff to learn about and discuss reproductive health issues, share information, and engage in service and advocacy projects.



Please welcome the 2016-17 Leadership Team!

Leadership Team and Subcommittees 

Jasmine Uysal & Caitlin O’Connor, Co-Presidents

Amy Elizabeth Alterman, RHIG Education Chair 


Dr. Paula Tavrow, Faculty Advisor <ptavrow at>

Meet the new leaders.

Jasmine Uysal (RHIG Co-President) is a first year MPH Student and Graduate Student Researcher in the Department of Community Health Sciences. Specifically, her interests lie in global reproductive health and reproductive justice. For next year Jasmine hopes to “bring new cross-campus inclusion and diversity while simultaneously bringing new and strengthening existing opportunities to promote reproductive justice at UCLA, in our surrounding community, and in the broader global climate.  We would also like to bring in exciting guest speakers for our quarterly RHIG meetings to expand professional horizons and opportunities for our members.”

Caitlin O’Connor (Co-President), half of RHIG’s newly elected co-presidency (alongside Jasmine Uysal) is a first year MPH student in the Department of Community Health Sciences. She came to UCLA after completing both her B.A. in Black Studies and Applied Psychology at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and two years of serving as a community health educator in the US Peace Corps (Swaziland 2012-2014). She is currently in RHIG leadership serving as social media coordinator, which she considers a much more attractive responsibility than her other academic pursuits. She is currently working as a Title X program intern as a local OB/GYN clinic near UCLA. Her areas of interest include: reproductive health, policy and advocacy, social epidemiology, and healthcare management. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her dogs, rearranging furniture in her apartment, and finding new and exciting places in LA to use her student discount.

Amy Elizabeth Alterman (RHIG Education Chair) is a second year PHD Student in Culture and Performance in the Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance and an upcoming first year MPH student in the Department of Community Health Sciences. Her work explores how the arts can be used for public health education initiatives and sex education curricula adaptation. Her most recent project is an ethnographic study in Atlanta, Georgia which investigates LGBTQ-inclusivity in sex education implementation. As the Education Chair, Amy looks forward to facilitating innovative and interdisciplinary educational opportunities for RHIG members.

Some outgoing members share their reflections on what RHIG has meant to them:

“RHIG has served as an incredible resource for both knowledge and opportunities for involvement over the past two years. I have learned more about reproductive health, rights and justice than can be summarized in a few sentences and have developed a relationship with an incredible community of human beings whose passion for bettering the lives of others is apparent in their every action. I will forever be grateful for my time with them.” -Michelle Smudde, RHIG Advocacy Co-Chair

“Through the work we’ve done, RHIG has afforded me a tremendous opportunity to create my own topography of reproductive justice organizations, collaboratives, and institutions in Los Angeles. In this capacity, RHIG has facilitated my ability to plug into communities that affirm and support my commitment to reproductive justice. What’s more, RHIG has offered a context through which I have been able to meet so many wonderful people whose passion, compassion, and humility will continue to inspire me!” -Monica Ramsy, RHIG Secretary

“The past year serving on RHIG’s leadership team has been an honor. I am grateful for my colleagues and the intersectional framework from which we worked. This experience has complemented my studies perfectly and I will always look back on this time fondly.” -Sally Saleh, RHIG Treasurer 

“We want to send a big thank you to both the RHIG leadership team and RHIG members for the past year, which has been full of exciting projects and inspiring accomplishments! We’ve accomplished more than we imagined was possible over the past year, and are thrilled to welcome the new RHIG leadership team.”  -Suba Narasimhan & Sarah Jane Smith, RHIG Co-Presidents 

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