Free PPLA sexuality education training on Jan. 22 and 29th

FREE PPLA sexuality education training on Jan. 22nd and 29th!

Planned Parenthood Los Angeles (PPLA) is providing an opportunity to train current RHIG members to provide sexuality education to college students around Los Angeles. PPLA will train RHIG members and current FSPH students in the PPLA college curriculum so that they will be able to provide presentations and facilitate workshops at local colleges and universities. Trainingparticipants will learn about:

· Birth Control Methods

· STI & HIV Prevention

· Gender Roles

· Consent

· PPLA Services

· Facilitation Skills

The two night training will be held on Wednesday, January 22nd, 6-9pm,
and Wednesday, January 29
th , 6-9pm in FSPH 61-269.

Attendance is MANDATORY for both nights of training. Dinner will be provided.

To sign up, please contact Melissa Papp-Green at