One-year Internship opportunity with Village HopeCore in Kenya

[Submitted by Liz Applegate, MPH, RHIG Alumna]


Village Hopecore International

Fellowship in Global Health



Option of starting between March 15th and June 15th 2014

  to July 21st, 2015(also negotiable)



Village Hopecore International is offering a fellowship in global health for individuals and graduate students who are interested in and have backgrounds in the areas of public health, nursing or medicine
at its project site in Chogoria, Kenya. The fellowship is a one year position with start and end dates negotiable at the time of contract signing. The fellow will receive a $500 per month living

stipend which over the 12 months will cover all living costs and the transportation cost of getting to Kenya. There have been eight prior fellows in our program.


Fellowship Description

Village Hopecore International is a not for profit organization registered in Kenya and the United States with a mission to eradicate poverty and improve the health and living conditions of the Wameru people
of Chogoria, Kenya. At this time, the Hopecore health project affects approximately 30,000 villagers and
students in our school-based mobile clinics and disease
preventions programs.


The project has been operating for the last 14 years and is situated on Mt. Kenya,
four hours north of Nairobi by car at 5,000 feet elevation in a lovely area of tea and coffee farms. It is located approximately 20 miles south of the equator.


In 2000, HopeCore began a unique and innovative poverty eradication project that combines a Grameen style
micro enterprise village bank, and an adult education program with a village level health care program. The health care program focuses on child and maternal health issues, and HIV and malaria prevention.


Since February 2011, HopeCore has been operating a school-based mobile clinic program by making a partnership with 16 primary schools and 8 secondary schools in the Chogoria area. Each
mobile clinic begins with health education on various topics including malaria, HIV/AIDS, hygiene, and nutrition.  Subsequently, students in our 24 schools receive free health services for the most common health issues (e.g., malaria, typhoid). We now have
expanded our program to include 62 primary and secondary schools in our area. This would mean that our program would be offering health services to 15,500 students.

We have now installed clean water tanks with simple, effective chlorination systems in 90 schools in our area as well as providing them with hand washing stations and soap. This will
expand to 179 by July 2014.


The fellow will participate in a hands-on fashion with this ongoing community health project. The fellow’s
major responsibilities will be to help supervise the public health and malaria prevention programs including the mobile clinic, the clean drinking water project, mosquito net distribution, HIV prevention program and health education activities.
The Fellow will also work on grant writing and fundraising.

The fellow works closely with the Kenyan nurses, community health workers, and local schools, hospitals and government offices. HopeCore
will provide training and supervision to the fellow to accomplish the responsibilities listed above.


Compensation and Lodging

HopeCore will provide a $500 per month stipend to the fellow. The stipend is designed to cover all lodging
and living expenses in Chogoria as well as travel expenses and health insurance expenses. H
has a safe and secure
apartment for the fellow in our local hospital’s compound. The apartment has cooking facilities, refrigerator and complete bathroom facilities. The rent for the apartment is $80 per month and will be paid out of the $500
per month stipend. Food costs in the village should run about $60 per month. It is required that for the fellow’s own protection, each fellow must have health insurance
and evacuation insurance.
The stipend was designed to provide $100 per month to help with the cost of health insurance
and evacuation insurance. The fellow will be responsible for transportation
costs to and from Kenya. Roundtrip airfare from the west coast of the US to Nairobi will be around $2000, less expensive from the east coast. The fellow will receive four weeks of vacation during the fellowship. The $500 per month stipend should cover all
of the fellow’s transportation expenses getting to Kenya, all of the living expenses while in Chogoria and most if not all the cost of health insurance while in Kenya. The stipend is designed to allow a fellow to spend a year in Kenya without having to incur
additional educational loans.


Application and Selection Process

The application and selection process will involve three stages. In the first stage, applicants e-mail a one page, cover letter stating the reason for their interest in our fellowship and a CV to
 Liz Applegate, former global health fellow,
. The cover letters and CV’s will be evaluated and a selection will be made of competitive applicants. In the second stage, competitive applicants will
be interviewed over the phone. Following the phone interviews, a group of finalists will be selected. In the third stage, the finalists will have an in-person interview or another phone interview if geographical considerations do not allow for an in-person
interview. References will be obtained at this time. All finalists will have a chance to talk by phone and e-mail with the current
Hopecore Fellow to ask questions
about the position and living conditions. 


Further information

More information on HopeCore can be found at