Invitation to bring gender to the global climate and health discussion – IPCC report and global discussion – April 3rd

Dear colleagues

The  Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has just released a new report about climate change’s ‘Impacts, Vulnerability and Adaptation’ IPCC’s WGII report.  The report finds that climate change has detrimental effects on every continent, it warns about food and water shortages, rising sea levels, and serious impacts on human health and shows that current emission trends mean that the world will start exceeding limits to adaptation in both natural and human systems.

For the first time the IPCC health chapter has a dedicated section to gender and covers the co-benefits of mitigating against climate change and improving health. These co-benefits include reducing local pollution and emissions of climate altering pollutants from energy production through shifting to renewables, better combustion and energy efficiency, shifting diets in rich countries to less animal products, redesigning communities to promote active transport and providing access to reproductive health services (including modern family planning) to improve child and maternal health through birth spacing and reduce population growth, energy use, and consequent CAP emissions over time. 

As scientific adviser of theGlobal Climate and Health Alliance (GCHA) I contributed to the Climate and Health Summits organized at the UN Climate Change Conferences of the Parties COP 17 in Durban and at the COP19 in Poland addressing the co-benefits of mitigating against climate change while improving health.

The Global Climate and Health Alliance (GCHA) has developed a set of resources, including a briefing report, a number of infographics, and a short film, to explain the health implications of the IPCC results which will be accessible on Thursday April 3rd at


You can join this global climate and health discussion by signing up to their Thunderclap (by twitter or facebook) and joining the discussion via twitter using the hashtag #climatehealth, when the resources are available this Thursday 3rd.  The thunderclap is scheduled at 9am EDT/1pm GMT on April 3rd.


It would be excellent that you engage this discussion about health and climate change by addressing gender and health issues.


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M. Cristina Tirado- von der Pahlen, DVM, MS, PhD

Adjunct Associated Professor, CHS, UCLA FSPH