Bixby Certificate Application: Deadline is April 28th

Call for Applications!


Bixby Certificate in

 Population & Reproductive Health


What is the Bixby Certificate?

The Bixby Center awards certificates to graduating Master’s students at the Fielding School of Public Health who develop
expertise in population and reproductive health. The certificate shows that the student has completed course work and field work recommended by the Bixby Center and has developed competency in: population and reproductive health policies and programs, socioeconomic
and behavioral factors, program and evaluation, health education, and ethics and advocacy.


How to apply:

Check out the
Population and Reproductive Health class matrix at


Submit the following to Rachel Veerman ( by 5pm
on April 28th:


1) a completed Population and Reproductive Health matrix

2) a completed Bixby Certificate application form, and

3) an unofficial UCLA URSA transcript.

Detailed information and application forms are available on the Bixby website at

*The certificate is awarded to MPH students completing their 2nd year (1st
year students can apply for the certificate next spring).