New Bixby Research Mentoring Opportunity for FSPH 2nd-Year Masters Students!

The Bixby Center on Population and Reproductive Health is launching a new research mentorship program for Winter and Spring 2015.  We will be offering FSPH masters students wanting to gain hands-on research experience an opportunity to be mentored by FSPH doctoral students.

Some specific research tasks that a masters student would assist in include: obtaining IRB approval, developing and testing instruments or other materials, analyzing data, developing a conceptual framework, recruiting study participants, interviewing key informants, moderating focus group discussion, developing presentation materials, etc.

To become a mentee, one would need to meet these eligibility requirements:


·Be a current FSPH second year masters student from any department, who plans to complete coursework in Winter or Spring 2015

·Have an interest in the general area of global sexual and reproductive health (including HIV/AIDS, STDs, family planning, MCH, contraceptive issues, women’s empowerment); and

·Have some knowledge or skills in quantitative work (at least taken Biostats 100A, 100B, and Epi 100)

Each masters student selected
would receive $750 dollars per quarter to serve as a mentee to a doctoral student, who would also receive a stipend. The mentee would be expected to provide 5 hours per week to help the doctoral student with his/her research. Note that the research mentee will not assist in the actual writing of the dissertation. This program is intended to give research experience to eligible masters students, as well as research assistance to doctoral students.


How to Apply: Please send your CV,  a writing sample (can be any length but must be solo; no group papers), and a short statement of interest (one paragraph) to Ruth Hsu at by noon on Friday January 2nd, 2015. On the subject line please write Bixby Mentorship – Last name, first name

Doctoral FSPH mentors will review applications and interview students during January 6-8th.  Decisions will be made by January 9th.

Ruth Hsu
MPH Community Health Sciences Student, Class of 2016

Fielding School of Public Health, UCLA