If you are still hunting for a good reproductive health course for Spring 2015…

Gail Kligman                                                                                             Bunche Hall 2174

Spring 2015                                                                                              T, 9-11:50



Sociology 252:  The Politics of Reproduction, Families, and Gender


Social and human reproduction as well as their interdependence and regulation have long been the focus of contentious politics around the world.
Government efforts to influence social and human reproduction call attention to an important feature of the modern state: political intervention into private life, intimacy, and sexuality. The expansion of the state into the bodies and lives of citizens and
non-citizens alike has blurred the boundaries between public and private interests. In this seminar, we will explore diverse aspects of the politics of reproduction, their gendering, and their impact on families. The “politics of reproduction” refers to the
intersection between politics and the life cycle, or between the public sphere and private lives. We will discuss topics such as fertility control or fertility promotion, population politics including pro-or anti-natalist and immigration policies, family forms
ranging from “traditional” to transnational, and stratified reproduction. Students are encouraged to think comparatively and historically about these issues with respect to different contexts and cultures.




Note:  This course can also be used for the Bixby Certificate.