Webinar on 5/13 at 10:30 PST: Advocating for Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice on the Local Level

Building Blocks for Change: Advocating for Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice on the Local Level

Meeting Description:

Cities and towns have long been known as our nation’s laboratories. Some of the programs and policies that most impact people’s lives when it comes to their reproductive health are decided on the local level. 

In this webinar, the National Institute for Reproductive Health will walk participants through our new publication,
Building Blocks for Change: A Primer on Local Advocacy for Reproductive Health, Rights and Justice, providing ideas for
policies, initiatives, and strategies well-suited to the local level.

Advocates who have achieved wins in their cities and counties will also talk about why local advocacy is a vital strategy, and participants will learn how they can bring such strategies to their own communities.


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Wed, May 13, 2015


01:30 PM EDT


1 hour


Jenny Mistry

 Presenter Information

Lee Hasselbacher, The Section of Family Planning and Contraceptive Research at the University of Chicago

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Lee Hasselbacher, JD, is the Policy Coordinator for the Section of Family Planning and Contraceptive Research at the University of Chicago. Her work there focuses on women’s rights, reproductive justice and equitable access to affordable health care services.
Lee will discuss a 2012 Roundtable that brought together advocates from a wide range of fields to discuss the state of abortion access in Chicago. Lee will talk about how the roundtable strategy worked and why it was so well-suited to a locally focused conversation,
as well as talk about the experience of developing and disseminating the resource guide. 

Alma Quintero and Andrea Navarrette from ACT for Women and Girls

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Andréa Navarrette is the Volunteer Coordinator at ACT for Women and Girls, where she leads the organization’s efforts in cultivating volunteer relationships and ACT’s annual campaign Don’t Let A Hot Date Turn Into A Due Date. Alma Quintero is Program Coordinator
at ACT, where she works with the Peer Education program, co-facilitates the Teen Success program, and oversees ACT’s social media presence. Together, they will talk about ACT’s successes in changing policies to support comprehensive sex education in three
school districts, as well as their ongoing advocacy and work on implementation. She will share how ACT adapted its model of youth-led advocacy to the needs of each district, and talk about how local advocacy works in more rural settings, as well as what it
is like to work in a conservative area in what is regarded as a very “blue” state. 

Janet Chung, Legal Voice

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Janet Chung is Legal & Legislative Counsel at Legal Voice, where she focuses on advancing reproductive health care and justice, expanding economic justice for women, and combating gender discrimination in the workplace and in schools.  Janet will talk about
how Legal Voice and partner organizations passed a Seattle City Council resolution supporting insurance coverage of abortion and urging repeal of the Hyde Amendment. She will also discuss what they learned about working with city government and why these resolutions
are important to our movement.

Jenny Dodson Mistry, National Institute for Reproductive Health

Speaker Photo

Jenny Dodson Mistry is the Manager of Local Initiatives at the National Institute for Reproductive Health, where she has the opportunity to support organizations doing proactive work to advance reproductive health, rights, and justice in cities and counties
across the country. Drawing upon the National Institute’s experience supporting local level advocacy over the past several years, she will make the case for why this is an important strategy and will walk participants through the resources available in the
National Institute’s Primer

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