[Bixby] Bixby Journal Club next Thursday 02/18 @ noon in 16-032 CHS

The Bixby Journal Club

When: 12:00 – 12:50 PM, Thursday February 18th

Location: CHS 16-032 Round Conference Room (by the FSPH entrance)

The UCLA Bixby Center would like to invite you to participate in our next Bixby Journal Club meeting!
The Bixby Journal Club offers a forum for interested graduate students and faculty to discuss critical issues in reproductive health, from the perspective of noted theorists and activists.
We are currently reading excerpts from Reproduction & Society: Interdisciplinary Readings (Joffe & Reich, 2014)
The meeting on February 18th will focus on two articles on contraception and sterilization by Linda Gordon and Elena Gutiérrez. All readings will be available via email.
Lunch will be provided.
To join the Bixby Journal Club, please email Ruth Hsu at
ruthrhsu@ucla.edu by 02/15/16.