Job Opening: Executive Director for Our Bodies Ourselves

Our Bodies Ourselves is hiring a new Executive Director.  Please see attached job description.


In addition to producing the books you know so well, OBOS has continued to work with women’s groups around the world to adapt the contents of
Our Bodies Ourselves for use in their own regions (you probably saw the latest booklets in Vietnamese). Available in 30 foreign editions, the book is now an invaluable international resource for women eager to acquire the best available information about
their health. OBOS still encourages women everywhere to play an active role in protecting and advancing their right to health and wellness through political activism and policy work.

OBOS continues collaborations with other organizations to address such issues as drug and medical device safety for girls and women, global commercial surrogacy, and expanding access
to midwifery care. OBOS reaches women of all ages with scientifically vetted information grounded in women’s diverse experiences. A talented and energetic feminist would find this a rewarding position.