Discount on LIVE webinar this Thursday on Pregnancy Options Education – Best Practices

[Submitted by RHIG alum, Melissa Papp-Green] 

I wanted to make sure you knew about this exclusive webinar for educators,
and teachers on providing unbiased pregnancy options education to middle and high school students as part of comprehensive sexual health instruction which, as you
know, is now required in CA.

The CA Department
of Education has asked us to make this as accessible as possible
, so we have discounted
this webinar for all
health educators
and teachers
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Erica Neuman, MS
Trainer + Project Director, Learning Management


CFHC Training

Best Practices in Pregnancy Options Education
Thursday, March 24, 2016
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM (PST)
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Amber Eisenmann, MS, Director, Learning Exchange, California Family Health Council
Erica Neuman, MS, Project Director, Learning Management, California Family Health Council 


Quality pregnancy options education includes providing medically accurate, unbiased, non-judgmental information about abortion, adoption and parenting. Best practices include sharing information about related laws, timing, the decision making process, pros
and cons, health risks, and the range of beliefs about all pregnancy options available. Supportive learning environments must also be created before facilitating objective discussions about sensitive topics like pregnancy. This webinar will review practical
tools and interactive teaching techniques for pregnancy options education that school and community health educators can implement in school-based settings.

What Will You Learn?

After attending this training, participants will be able to:

Create a safe, supportive, unbiased learning environment for discussing pregnancy options
Provide medically and legally accurate descriptions of closed and open adoption, medical and surgical abortion, pre-natal care, safe surrender laws and parenting
Understand the California Healthy Youth Act 2016 requirement for teaching pregnancy options to middle and high school students
Identify and implement medically accurate, age-appropriate pregnancy options education teaching techniques
Who Should Attend?

Health + Sexuality Educators
Youth Educators
School Nurses + Counselors
Community-Based Educators
Sexual Health Education Curricula Developers
Family Planning Staff


Use discount code when checking out: QSDC-CST-15DF-2016

FREE Continuing Education will be provided for CME, Nursing, Social Work and CHES
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