It’s On Us – UC San Diego Student Video and Research Policy Brief on Sexual Assault

Dear Colleagues:


We at the
UC San Diego Center on Gender Equity and Health
(GEH) are very concerned about the current national discourse suggesting that men broadly engage in, or at a minimum tolerate, sexual assault and language suggesting its acceptability.
Although most men do not engage in sexual assault, 1 in 5 women will experience campus sexual assault.


In support of the
It’s On Us campaign, and to encourage informed and positive responses from policymakers to preventing sexual assault, we are pleased to provide the attached GEH policy brief on “What Research Tells Us about Campus Sexual Assault” and a UCSD student-led
“It’s On Us” video
featuring UC San Diego students, faculty, staff, and Congressman Scott Peters (CA-52) speaking out against sexual assault. Please note the leadership of our own Meghan Yap (UCSD Class of 2016 and White House “It’s On Us” Champion of Change) on both the policy
brief and in the video. We are very proud to be part of UCSD community and join this student-led stance for change!



Jennifer Wagman



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