Dr. Eunice Muthengi wins the Paula Kantor award from ICRW

We are delighted to let everyone know that Dr. Eunice Muthengi, a CHS PhD alumna, as well as a former Bixby Fellow and Bixby Program Assistant at UCLA, has won the prestigious Paula Kantor award from the ICRW. 


CONGRATULATIONS, EUNICE!   We know that you will continue to make major contributions to the public health field in years to come!





Here is the announcement:


The International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) is pleased to announce the winner of the 2016 Paula Kantor Award for Excellence in Field Research, Eunice Muthengi
of Kenya.


The award was created to honor the legacy of former ICRW colleague Paula Kantor, who was killed while working in Afghanistan in 2015. Dr. Kantor was a leading expert on gender issues
in international development, whose work was driven by her passion to improve lives in the global south, especially those of women and girls.

“Eunice’s work truly embodies the spirit of Paula Kantor that we sought to honor with this award,” said Sarah Degnan Kambou, president of ICRW. “We see in her an exacting commitment
to research and a deep understanding that this evidence is the base upon which strong policies and programs are built to improve the lives of adolescent girls.”

Muthengi is a researcher with the Population
 in Kenya, leading investigations into effective strategies to improve the reproductive health, education and economic potential of adolescent girls. She is currently leading a school-based study
to determine whether access to menstrual hygiene products and reproductive health education can improve girls’ schooling and health. Her objectives are always to identify those interventions that will bring positive change to girls, their communities, their
future children and the nation as a whole.

“I am humbled and deeply honored by ICRW’s recognition,” said Muthengi. “It is my hope that the award will highlight the central role of adolescent girls in development, and emphasize
the importance of investing in research to guide policies and programs.”

Muthengi also recognizes that research must be accessible to a range of audiences, from senior policy makers to community health advocates. She sits on the Ministry of Health Adolescent
Sexual and Reproductive Health Technical Working Group, collaborating with other stakeholders to develop indicators, communicate research findings and create strong monitoring and evaluation frameworks.

“Dr. Muthengi’s research delivers results that are scientifically rigorous and policy relevant,” said Julia Bunting, Population Council president. “Her systematic analysis and tireless
commitment improve the lives of vulnerable adolescent girls across Kenya and around the world.”

Dr. Muthengi was chosen to receive the award by a committee of distinguished professionals in the development, gender, academic, business, policy, civil society and research sectors
from across Sub-Saharan Africa. She will be honored at a reception hosted by the ICRW Africa Regional Office in Kampala, Uganda, on December 8


See:  http://www.icrw.org/news/eunice-muthengi-wins-2016-paula-kantor-award/