Sex & Cookies- NEW way to facilitate sessions

Sex and Cookies in is need of some facilitators for the remainder of the quarter; all are welcome to get involved! 


Hi folks,

If you want to participate in Sex & Cookies, but never got a chance to make it to one of our trainings, you’re in luck!  We would like to MORE students to be involved with S&C, and understand that students have
not always been able to attend our trainings.  Here’s what you need to do to still volunteer.


1. Sign up to shadow a session!  We have multiple sessions coming up, so sign up ASAP.  Make sure to indicate that you have not attended a training.  You will receive an email from us letting you know when you are assigned.



2. Please go over our training powerpoint in your own time before your session (attached to this email).  It helps explain how our sessions run and goes over our educational information.  First year med students- this will cover birth control
methods!  That’s coming up in the curriculum anyway.  We have also attached the “facilitator guide” which is a laminated sheet available to all facilitators during the sessions (no memorizing required!)


3. Show up to your session!  You will be “shadowing,” so you won’t be expected to contribute much.


4. Facilitate sessions on your own in the future!



What if you already attended training, but forgot to sign up for the winter quarter?  No worries!  We still would (desperately) love you to still sign up for a session too.  Use the same link above!


Was this email confusing?  Still have questions?  Let us know!  


We hope to get more students involved in spreading the word about sexual health at UCLA!  We’re also working on getting involved in the UCLA Sex Week because what sounds better than a whole week devoted to positive sex messages????


Thanks & best,

Sex & Cookies Leadership Team