Call for graduate student mentors: UCLA HIV Counseling and Testing Coalition

Interested in mentoring students who come from communities disproportionately affected by HIV? Do you have experience working in sexual health, HIV prevention/care, or LGBTQ+ health?


The UCLA HIV Counseling and Testing Coalition is looking for graduate students to advise our undergraduates; predominantly first generation, low-income, LGBTQ+ students of color. This includes meeting with
students to advise them about preparing for graduate school, hosting workshops on HIV, sexual health, social justice, and related topics, and, if the student desires, assisting with developing outreach activities in collaboration with UCLA mobile clinic and
other non-profit partners. Please contact
if you are interested.


More information about the coalition below:


The UCLA HIV Counseling and Testing Coalition provides students from communities disproportionately affected by HIV with opportunities to interact with like-minded people in the health sciences through mentorship
and community service. Our coalition will place students on the front-lines to work side-by-side with providers offering culturally sensitive HIV testing and sexual health outreach in under-resourced communities. Communities we hope to uplift include: transgender*,
gender non-conforming, gay, bisexual, or queer-identified people, women of color, people of color, substance or drug users, and HIV-positive individuals. 


Approach: Students will participate in a weekend retreat and meetings in winter and spring quarter to encourage personal development around issues of social justice, advocacy, and career preparation. Students
will be matched with a custom mentor and community health outreach project to foster their development as health advocates. Projects may be at a community site offering HIV-related services to under-resourced communities in LA County, or on UCLA campus.


Thank you for your commitment to addressing health inequities in our communities.


Warm regards,

The HIV Counseling and Testing Coalition Board






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