NWLC Files Lawsuit Against Trump’s Birth Control Rules

Dear friends,


Late yesterday the National Women’s Law Center and Americans United for Separation of Church and State filed a lawsuit to stop the Trump administration’s Oct. 6th rules that expand the exemptions to the Affordable Care Act’s birth control benefit.  We filed in the Northern District of Indiana on behalf of five women: Alicia Baker, an Indiana woman who works for a church; Mary Shiraef, a student at Notre Dame, as well as two other students there; and a university employee in Illinois who will remain anonymous.


We are lifting this up on social media (Twitter and Facebook) and appreciate anything your organization can do to share this news.  We’re happy to talk about the case more if you are interested, and of course if you hear from individuals with similar concerns about their birth control coverage we would be happy to connect with them.


NWLC is also coordinating template comments on the IFRs should your organization be interested in commenting.  The deadline is Dec. 5th.  Please contact Mara Gandal-Powers (mgandal-powers@nwlc.org) for more information.





Mara K. Gandal-Powers

Senior Counsel, Reproductive Rights and Health

National Women’s Law Center

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