RISE Postdoctoral Fellowship in Reproductive Health (at Emory Univ.)

Center for Reproductive Health Research in the SouthEast (RISE)

Post-doctoral Fellowship Announcement


We are pleased to announce a new post-doctoral research fellowship program at Emory University. RISE has a long-term goal to establish robust research training opportunities and support to prepare the next generation of interdisciplinary scientists in family planning and reproductive health (RH) research.



In order to build an evidence base and implement solutions for the adverse reproductive health outcomes, disparities, and sociopolitical determinants impacting women and their families in the Southeast (SE), RISE aims to address several major goals through three interrelated Cores: 1) Research – to advance the science on understanding and intervening upon the multi-level determinants of reproductive health and family planning in the SE, including increasing access to quality reproductive healthcare for women; improving evidence-based, equitable models of family planning service delivery for health systems; promoting positive, supportive family planning sociocultural norms among communities; and informing reproductive health and family planning policies that are aligned with a reproductive justice framework; 2) Education & Training – to prepare future generations of interdisciplinary reproductive health and family planning scientists who are likely to stay and build research capacity in the SE; and 3) Translation – to facilitate translation of evidence in order to inform public dialogue, catalyze engagement, and facilitate policy action and social change so that people in the SE and beyond may achieve their reproductive desires, goals and overall health and wellbeing.



This fellowship will provide post-doctoral research training and support (per NIH postdoctoral fellow salary rates) for 2 years, along with opportunities for small grants to support research, and funds for travel to conferences for research dissemination and professional development. As part of the fellowship, the trainee is expected to be actively engaged with the Center’s Research Core projects, as well as continue developing an original complementary research agenda, and attend Education and Translational Core activities. Specifically, RISE post-doctoral fellows will work under the mentorship of a RISE Investigator and will be expected to make contributions to the RISE research program. During the fellowship period, post-doctoral fellows are expected to conduct analyses and collaborate on writing manuscripts for RISE’s research priorities.


When submitting your application, please specify your interest in at least one of these current research projects:

1.The Changing Landscape of Publicly-Funded Reproductive Health Care in Georgia: Case Studies of the Georgia Family Planning System and the Department of Public Health

Principal Investigators: Kelli Stidham Hall, PhD MS, Melissa Kottke, MD MPH, MBA, Sarah Blake, PhD MA

2. Evaluating the Impact of Gestational Age Limit Policies on Reproductive Healthcare Systems in the Southeast

Principal Investigators: Carrie Cwiak, MD MPH, Kelli Stidham Hall, PhD MS

3. Confidentiality and Parental Involvement Processes for Minors Seeking Reproductive Health Services in Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi

Principal Investigators: Kelli Stidham Hall, PhD MS, Kari White, PhD MPH

4. Engaging Georgia’s Faith Communities for Promoting Reproductive Health

Principal Investigators: Kelli Stidham Hall, PhD MS, Kelli Komro, PhD MPH



To be eligible for these awards, applicants must be US citizens or permanent residents specializing substantively in family planning and reproductive health, and have earned a PhD or equivalent degree before the onset of the fellowship. Preference will be given to students belonging to under-represented populations, which may include African Americans, Hispanics, American Indians, Alaska Natives, Pacific Islanders, and individuals who come from rural areas and are first-generation college students. In addition, preference will be given to candidates from a Southeastern state with strong intentions to remain/seek work in the region after training, as well as those who plan to focus on abortion-related and reproductive health policy-relevant research.



RISE will accept applications from February 1 –March 31, 2018. The committee will invite select candidates to formal interviews in April 2018, with final offers in May 2018 (start date Summer/Fall 2018). We will have 2 positions for the Fall 2018 cohort.


Applications consist of: (1) a letter expressing specific interest in family planning research, details about training and work experiences to date, (2) your curriculum vitae, (3) a writing sample and (4) 2-3 letters of recommendation (letters can be submitted directly to Dr. Sales or included in the application). Please include any requests to work with specific RISE investigators in your letter.


Please send your application package to Dr. Jessica Sales (jmcderm@emory.edu), Director of the RISE Education Core.


Thank you,

Jessica M. Sales, PhD

Director, RISE Education Core

Associate Professor

Department of Behavioral Sciences and Health Education

Rollins School of Public Health

Emory University

1518 Clifton Road, NE, Room 570

Atlanta, GA 30322