Paid opportunity for family planning clinic directors or operations staff to learn about new intervention

Submitted by Emerald Germaine Snow (former RHIG Co-President)




My name is Emerald, and I’m an associate at a small public health consulting firm, Sentient Research. I am reaching out because at Sentient Research, we recently developed a sexual health video intervention that was funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The video is designed to be watched by reproductive health clinic patients, either in the waiting room or before their appointment. The objectives of the video are to increase the use of contraception/dual contraception, increase STI testing, and to improve patient-provider communication.


Health and Human Services is encouraging us to disseminate the video, which is why I’m reaching out We are looking to engage family planning clinic directors, supervisors, managers, coordinators, or other leads (operations, client services); and we are conducting 20 interviews and a survey (n=100). The goal of this research is to better understand the practices and needs of clinics and to see which ones might benefit from this short, theory-based video intervention.


We have two opportunities:

  1. A ~30-minute interview for a $50 Amazon gift card, and we can conduct the interview over the phone at the interviewee’s convenience.
  2. A ~ 15-minute survey online for $20 Amazon gift card.

Any clinic that provides substantial reproductive health services to young women is eligible to participate. Any leads?! Thanks for reading and please share with your networks!


Warm regards, 




Emerald Germaine Snow MSPH, MA


Sentient Research

Voice: 831.210.0961, Skype: emerald.snow