Open Statement by 25 Reproductive Justice Organizations on Trump Administration’s “Zero Tolerance” Immigration Policy

Reproductive Justice Organizations Statement on the Immigrant Crisis Created by the Current Administration<>
The organizations that have signed onto this letter are Reproductive Justice organizations that are united in our repudiation of the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy that not only led to an overwhelming increase in family separation at our Southern borders, but a complete violation of human rights. It is with horror, outrage, and deep sorrow that we see our country turning its back on vulnerable immigrants, repeating a shameful history of terrorizing indigenous people and communities of color. Let us be clear, these are not new policies. They are ingrained in our history as evidenced by a legacy of slavery, taking indigenous land and kidnapping indigenous children, turning away refugees, the Chinese exclusion act, operation “wet-back,” and setting up Japanese concentration camps, etc.
The Reproductive Justice movement is rooted in a legacy of resistance linked to the historical violence and trauma experienced by indigenous people and people of color since colonization. It was born out of the struggles that indigenous women and women of color fought against genocide, slavery, and other institutionalized acts of reproductive oppression and violence. We have always resisted the ways that colonization has and continues to strip us of our humanity and violate the sovereignty of our bodies, our families, our communities, and our land.
As reproductive justice organizations, part of our work is to uphold the human right of parents to raise their children with dignity and respect, free of violence, including state terror. The mostly Central American families currently seeking asylum on our border are fleeing unimaginable violence and poverty – in large part as a consequence of U.S. military and economic intervention, imperialism, and destabilization. Once these families reach the U.S. border, they are punished for seeking asylum and are being further terrorized, abused, and denied their human rights, by being separated from their children, a policy that continues despite the much publicized Executive Order.
The current administration has also failed to propose a viable reunification plan for the over 2,300 children who have already been kidnapped from their parents. The Trump administration will continue to implement its zero tolerance policy and prosecute everyone detained at the border, which could lead to keeping asylum-seeking families in concentration camps on military bases indefinitely or expediting deportations and denying them their due process. This policy is a disgusting attempt to use children and families as political pawns while lining the pockets of defense contractors who see a massive pay day in the burgeoning detention industry.
In addition, we want to decry the recent announcement by Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General, who has said the U.S. would not consider domestic violence or gang violence as acceptable grounds for seeking asylum. This announcement was clearly meant to make it easier to turn away Central American asylum seekers. The cruelty of his announcement is not surprising given the hate and racism this administration has shown towards women, children, LGBTQIA+, indigenous communities, and all people of color.
We call UPON those with conscience to decry this atrocity and to continue to mobilize, wherever you may be. We DEMAND an end to the continued criminalization of immigrant communities in this country by our government, representatives, and the media. We refuse to be desensitized to the horror and trauma inflicted on children and their families. Enough is enough!
We DEMAND the reunification of families and sanctuary for all! We do not accept reunification without liberation. We DEMAND an end to immigrant concentration camps on our Southern border! We DEMAND an end to detentions and deportations! We DEMAND the abolishment of ICE! ¡Ningun ser humano es ilegal!
We ask our supporters and communities to take the following actions:
1. Call or email Federally appointed representatives.CLICK HERE 2. Email or contact companies directly profiting from the state’s violence against immigrant and asylum seekers, CLICK HERE<> 3. Donate time, supplies, or money to organizations on the ground.

California Latinas for Reproductive Justice
Black Women for Wellness