Event with Lady Parts Justice League on Sunday, Dec. 9th in LA: Comedy Show and Craftvism


This Sunday, is the last Lady Parts Justice League (LPJL) event of the year. It’s a brunch time comedy show, paired with pro-choice crafting activism. Also, there will be free bagels and rosé.
We will be writing holiday thank you postcards to Indie Abortion Clinics across the country and assembling patient care packages for an indie clinic in Montana.

COMEDY & CRAFT-a-VISM Stand-up by: Danielle Perez< default.salsalabs.org/T7ab6e4bb-0278-47bd-b320-8f1066edb75c/31bce1f0-9d64-454d-a598-0758b462691d>, FRANGELA< default.salsalabs.org/T15e5ed8a-bf61-42af-8eea-61b04bcd46af/31bce1f0-9d64-454d-a598-0758b462691d>, and Jackie Kashian < default.salsalabs.org/T37313a4a-b7ef-4fef-abf0-3b6e783bcd54/31bce1f0-9d64-454d-a598-0758b462691d> Members of the LA Coalition for Repro Justice will also be sharing info about the status of repro here in California.
Sunday, Dec. 9th from 1-3pm at Junior High<
default.salsalabs.org/T46c9cd1c-dd5c-47c7-beec-76719460e98b/31bce1f0-9d64-454d-a598-0758b462691d> (5656 Hollywood Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90028< maps.google.com/?q=5656+H