Learn about “Plan A” – entertainment education on contraception/STIs

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My name is Emerald and I am a former RHIG co-president and FSPH Bixby scholar. I am writing because my company just recently made a 23-minute, federally-funded, theory-based, evidence-informed entertainment education sexual health video intervention for young women called Plan A. It is designed to be watched before a young woman goes in for a reproductive health clinic visit and aims to increase effective contraception and condom use, improve patient-provider interactions, promote STI testing and treatment, and improve attitudes about long-acting reversible contraception like the IUD and implant. There are multiple ways to implement the video – in a waiting room, on a tablet computer, or watched online before an appointment. You can watch the Plan A trailer here. I have also attached a Plan A brochure here in this email.


I’m writing to let you know that Plan A is now available for clinics and agencies. If you’re interested or have any questions, please contact Aaron at aaron@sentientresearch.net213-448-0660. Or, if you have any contacts who you think would be interested in or benefit from Plan A, please let us know. I really appreciate it! 


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