Paid SRH internship available to expand PATH (reproductive goals counseling)

Opportunity to work in Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH)


Are you interested in working with a champion of sexual and reproductive health to improve reproductive health outcomes? My supervisor, Patty Cason, has developed PATH, a framework currently being scaled up nationally that guides patient-centered reproductive goals counseling. Principles of patient-centered care applied with PATH inform equitable interactions that aim to help patients gain clarity about their reproductive goals, and support them in realizing those goals. PATH is being implemented in Planned Parenthood of San Bernardino County, in a state-wide study in Utah, with the VA, and more.


From a public health lens, PATH helps to address reproductive goals in a patient-centered way to improve maternal and child health outcomes, as patients collaboratively work with providers to uncover next steps such as being prepared for a healthy pregnancy or choosing a method of contraception. It also attempts to undo provider bias, is gender neutral, and ultimately aims to create room for dialogue and understanding of reproductive goals. For more, please see our


My supervisor is looking for additional assistance in expanding PATH, including social media promotion, website editing, reaching out to new audiences, and more. We expect that this could be a fantastic opportunity for a practicum or internship, with the time commitment being very flexible, and compensation pending level of involvement.


Interested applicants please send a resume and cover letter– including your interests in sexual and reproductive health, and ideas of how you might hope to expand PATH–to


Thank you!


Laura Ponchick, MPH