Invitation to help defend the Title X family planning program by joining a scholars amicus appellate brief – by 5/24

Hi everyone,


If you have a formal academic appointment or are a clinician, please consider adding your name to help defend Title X.


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Paula Tavrow



From:   Sara Rosenbaum   (


The purpose of this brief is to help Planned Parenthood, the AMA, and many states stop the administration’s effort to seriously damage the Title X family planning program. 


Not surprisingly, after losing in trial court, the Administration is appealing to the 9th Circuit.  We will once again be filing a brief in support of the challengers.  As before, our focus will be on the massive damage the rules will do to access to preventive health care, the impact of the rule on women’s access to the type of health care counseling that allows fully informed choice, and the enormous health consequences that would flow from the Administration’s actions.  


Dozens of Deans, Chairs and scholars have joined the brief.  We would like to further expand the signers, with a specific focus on universities in California, Oregon, and Washington State – i.e., the western part of the country.   We assume that there may be many colleagues both in your institute and in the University’s medical or nursing schools or other programs who would be interested in being included.  Should they desire to join, they need simply let me know.  We are working on the brief with outside counsel and will be sure to add them.   


Signers do NOT have to specialize in reproductive health to be included; the brief is open to all experts in health policyHowever, for this “scholars” brief, we want to be sure that the signers are all people with formal academic appointments.  For clinicians the title can be clinical professor.  We have a couple of senior scientists and lecturers.  Their address needs to be the university address, not a practice address.  And we would want the full academic affiliation/title/address like in an e signature.


If people are interested they should let me know by May 24th.  The brief will be filed June 27th, but putting these documents together is extremely time-consuming. Therefore, the draft needs to be done well before this so that we can send the final draft to all amici not later than June 24.  At this point, should they choose for some reason to drop off, then we will have time to

remove them. 


Being included means simply sending me by May 24th the individual’s full name, title, and academic affiliation exactly as they would want it to appear


Once again, many thanks for your help


Sara Rosenbaum J.D.

Harold and Jane Hirsh Professor, Health Law and Policy

Department of Health Policy and Management

Milken Institute School of Public Health

George Washington University

2175 K Street N.W. Suite 500

Washington D.C. 20037

(202) 994-4230