Invitation for evaluation proposals: Ipas country programs

Ipas is soliciting proposals from evaluation professionals to conduct an evaluation of our Global Program to Improve Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights through Expanded Access to Comprehensive Abortion Care and Prevention of Unwanted Pregnancy.


If you choose to participate, please read over the attached ToR carefully, including the scope of work, technical requirements, contract duration and timeline, and submission instructions. Please note that the selection of a candidate is based on their demonstrated expertise, conformation to the instructions in the RFP, pricing, and availability.


Evaluation Purpose:

The main purpose of the evaluation is to understand how Ipas is performing against the current strategic plan. In addition, the evaluation is intended as a learning opportunity for Ipas, Sida, NMOFA, and Norad. It is expected to yield concrete recommendations for improvement for Ipas.  Ipas values independence in evaluation efforts. In research involving the stigmatised and politicised topic of abortion, exposing the identity of individuals can result in harassment and violence. It is critical that evaluators are aware of and sensitive to minimizing risks including informed consent processes and potential participant identification. This evaluation is expected to inform improvements to organizational functioning and strategic plan achievement; therefore, Ipas seeks an evaluator that can work as a learning partner to make sure the approach and findings are relevant and are applied within the organization.


Scope of Work:

The evaluation will assess the relevance, effectiveness, measurement framework, and partnership approaches, of Ipas’s global, regional, and country-level strategies and activities, across all five Outputs of Ipas’s strategic plan.


Geographic scope: Data review and research visits to one Ipas Country Program in each region (Africa; Asia; Latin America), and the Ipas headquarters. Programs will represent a range of legal environments, program size, and maturity will be examined as case studies.  Ipas and the evaluation team will jointly develop selection criteria to select countries to be visited during the inception phase.

Specific objectives include:


  • Relevance: To what extent are the purpose, and outputs of the strategic plan still valid for intended beneficiaries? Are the activities consistent with achievement of sub-outputs and outputs? Are the outputs consistent with achievement of the intended purpose and goal? Has Ipas adequately implemented and documented efforts to reach vulnerable and marginalized communities?
  • Effectiveness: To what extent are the objectives of the strategic plan being achieved? What are the major factors influencing the achievement or non-achievement of the objectives? Where relevant, this can include discussion of the role of other actors like governments, other service providers, and donors.
  • Measurement: Is Ipas’s M&E framework and systems appropriate for the achievement of the strategic plan? Are Ipas’s data systems and process effective in collecting and applying learning to our programs?
  • Partnerships: Are Ipas’s partnerships (including with governments and other local partners) appropriate for the achievement of the strategic plan? Are they effective in helping achieve strategic plan objectives?  Do Ipas’s partnerships help strengthen local ownership of safe abortion programming in Ipas countries?

Evaluators will travel to selected countries to be briefed by Ipas staff on program objectives, activities and achievements. Ipas staff will also facilitate introductions and logistics for evaluators to meet or talk with key partners and beneficiaries with relevant perspectives, including at Ipas-intervention health-care facilities.


In addition to examining select individual country programs, evaluators will assess Ipas’s global and regional technical leadership and evaluators will likely visit Ipas’s headquarters office in North Carolina.  Evaluators may also use telephone, email, or Skype interviews with relevant stakeholders and Ipas partners.



Please submit the proposal via email no later than October 25, 2019 to Dee Lutz, Senior Manager Development, Ipas ( All consultants who are short-listed will be contacted no later than November 15, 2019. If you have questions, please email them to



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Associate Director, Program Evidence

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