Abortion on TV in the US

I wanted to share that we at Abortion Onscreen just published our report on how abortion was portrayed on TV in the US in 2019. This year, we’ve tracked 43 depictions of abortion onscreen, which is more than any single year we’ve tracked so far. 


We found some interesting trends:

  • Unlike 2018, most characters who had abortions on tv this year are white (unlike reality, where most people who have abortions are people of color)
  • TV started to explore self-induced abortion with pills and/or herbs for the first time
  • We’ve seen more mothers seeking abortion on TV than in past years, although these numbers still don’t reflect the reality that most real people who have abortions are parenting

I’d be happy to talk to anyone more about our findings and put them in context with the rest of our research. 


Thanks all,