Jennifer Toller Erausquin  (2005-06)

Jennifer Toller Erausquin (2005-06)

Graduation Year:

Title of Dissertation: “HIV Knowledge and Behaviors Among Women In the Dominican Republic and Haiti: A Multilevel Study of the Importance of Individual, Relationship, and Community Characteristics”
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Research Interests: Social determinants of health; gender, poverty, and health; Latino/a health; structural and community-level interventions.

Selected Publications:
Erausquin JT, E Essick, and PH Hildebrand. 2013. “Sexual behaviors and substance use behaviors among North Carolina’s high school students: Implications for health care providers wanting to reach teens at risk.” North Carolina Medical Journal, 74(1): 72-76.

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Erausquin JT, MR Biradavolu, E Reed, R Burroway, and KM Blankenship. 2012. “Trends in condom use among female sex workers: Impact of a community mobilization intervention.” Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health, 66: ii49-ii54.

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