Kristen Hess (2009-11)

Kristen Hess (2009-11)

Graduation Year:

Title of Dissertation: “Intimate Partner Violence: Predictors of Perpetration and Sexual Health Outcomes Among US Young Adults”
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Research Interests: HIV/STI prevention; behavioral epidemiology.

Selected Publications
Brown JM, KL Hess, S Brown, C Murphy, AL Waldman, and Hezareh M. 2013. “Intravaginal practices and risk of bacterial vaginosis and candidiasis infection among a cohort of women in the United States.” Obstetrics & Gynecology, April; 121(4):773-780.

Hess KL, M Javanbakht, JM Brown, RE Weiss, P Hsu, and PM Gorbach. 2013. “Intimate partner violence and anal intercourse among young adult heterosexual relationships.” Perspect Sex Reprod Health, March; 45(1):6-12.

Pines HA, PM Gorbach, RE Weiss, K Hess, R Murphy, T Saunders, J Brown, PA Anton, and RD Cranston.  2013. “Acceptability of potential rectal microbicide delivery systems for HIV prevention: A randomized crossover trial. AIDS Behav., March; 17(3): 1002-15.

Burrell ER, HA Pines, E Robbie, L Coleman, RD Murphy, KL Hess, P Anton, and PM Gorbach. 2012. “Use of the location-based social networking application GRINDR as a recruitment tool in rectal microbicide development research.” AIDS Behav. October; 16(7): 1816-20.

Hess KL, PM Gorbach, LE Manhart, BP Stoner, DH Martin, and KK Holmes. 2012. “Risk behaviors by type of concurrency among young people in three US STD clinics.” Sexual Health, July; 9(3): 280-7.

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