Laura Chyu (Fellow 2005-06)

Laura Chyu (Fellow 2005-06)

Graduation Year:

Title of Dissertation: “Cumulative Physiological Dysregulation Among Women in the United States: Sociodemographic Correlates and Implications for Self-Rated Health”
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Research Interests: Roles of stress, biological, and social risk factors in health, development, and aging trajectories Women’s health and aging across the life course Racial/ethnic and socioeconomic disparities in health Stress and cumulative biological risk measurement Multilevel and longitudinal methodologies to describe health and aging across the life course

Selected Publications:
Chyu, L, TW McDade, and EK Adam. 2011. “Measured blood pressure and hypertension among young adults: A Comparison between two nationally representative samples.” Biodemography and Social Biology, 57:184-199.

Chyu, L and DM Upchurch. 2011. “Racial and ethnic patterns of allostatic load among adult women in the US: Findings from the National Health & Nutrition Examination Survey 1999-2004.” Journal of Women’s Health, 20(4):575-583.

McDade, T, L Chyu, G Duncan, LT Hoyt, LD Doane, and E Adam. 2011. “Expectations for the future predict health behaviors over the transition from adolescence to young adulthood.” Social Science and Medicine, 73(3):391-398.

Adam, EK, L Chyu, LT Hoyt, LD Doane, G Duncan, L Chase-Lansdale, J Boisjoly, and T McDade. 2011. “Adverse relationship histories and young adult health:  Cumulative effects of low parent support, intimate partner violence, relationship instability, loneliness, and loss.” Journal of Adolescent Health, 49(3):278-286.

Dowd, JB, A Aiello, L Chyu, J Huang, and TW McDade. 2011. “Cytomegalovirus antibodies in whole blood spots: A minimally invasive method for assessing stress, immune function, and aging.” Immunity and Ageing, 8(3):1-7.

Chyu, L, M Upchurch, and GA Greendale. Under Review. “A longitudinal analysis of allostatic load among midlife women: Findings from the Study of Women Across the Nation.”

Upchurch, DM., J Stein, GA Greendale, L Chyu, C-H Tseng, M-H Tseng, T Lewis, and H Kravitz. Under Review. “A longitudinal investigation of psychosocial mediators of allostatic load in midlife women: Findings from the Study of Women’s Health Across the Nation.

McDade, TW, MW Metzger, L Chyu, GJ Duncan, C Garfield, and EK Adam. Under Review. “Long-term effects of birth weight and breastfeeding duration on inflammation in early adulthood.”