Patience Afulani (2012-14)

Patience Afulani (2012-14)

Graduation Year:

Title of Dissertation: “Determinants of Maternal Health in Ghana: The Role of Quality of Care (provisional)

Research Interests: Maternal, child and reproductive health in Sub-Sahara Africa. Particularly, quality of maternal health care and how it affects maternal health and health seeking behavior.

Selected Publications:

Afulani, Patience A, JK Awoonor-Williams, EC Opoku, and J Asunka.  2012.  Using Community Health Workers in Community-Based Growth Promotion: What stakeholders Think.  Health Educ. Res, 27 (6): 1005-1017.

Afulani, PA.  Under Review.  Assimilation, Transnationalism and the Fertility Behavior of Sub-Saharan African Migrants in France: Examining the Theories of Migrant Fertility.