• Astou Coly (Fellow 2003-2005)

    Astou Coly (Fellow 2003-2005)

    I am a second year doctoral student in the department of Epidemiology at the UCLA School of Public Health. I was born and raised in Senegal and came to the United States after high-school to […]

  • Alison Buttenheim (2002-04)

    Alison Buttenheim (2002-04)

    Title of Dissertation: “Child Nutritional Status in Vulnerable Households in Asia” Link to Dissertation Research Interest: Parent behavior and child health; behavioral economics; evaluation of health and development interventions. Selected Publications: Buttenheim, AM, N Goldman, […]

  • Yasmin Kusunoki (2002-06)

    Yasmin Kusunoki (2002-06)

    Title of Dissertation: “Contraceptive Behavior among Youth in the United States: The Importance of Relationship Characteristics” Link to Dissertation Research Interests: Understanding the sources of gender racial/ethnic, and socioeconomic disparities in health and demographic behaviors […]