Bixby Dodctoral Students Research Mentorship Program

The Bixby Doctoral Students Research Mentorship Program provides reproductive health research experience to FSPH second year master’s students. FSPH doctoral students who have advanced to candidacy can compete to be mentors to FSPH master’s students wishing to gain hands-on research experience. The program was offered in Winter/Spring 2015 and will be offered again in 2016. Examples of research tasks that masters students can perform with guidance from doctoral students are: obtaining IRB approval, developing and testing instruments or other materials, analyzing data, developing a conceptual framework, recruiting study participants, interviewing key informants, moderating focus group discussion, developing presentation materials, etc. Each masters student selected by the Bixby Center receives a stipend per quarter to serve as a mentee to a doctoral student, who also receives a stipend.

Meet the 2015 mentees and mentors, and learn about eligibility requirements at: