Meet Andrea Renteria, our new Bixby Program Assistant

Andrea is originally from San Pedro, California and received a Bachelor’s of Arts in Experimental Psychology and a minor in Applied Psychology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. During her time at UCSB, Andrea embarked on a number of research and outreach projects. She completed an honors thesis on the effects of mindfulness meditation on stress and long-term memory recall studying how people can use mindfulness techniques to improve their memory and overall well-being. She became passionate about reproductive and sexual health through her research in Human Sexuality in the Department of Sociology. She was a writer and outreach coordinator for the student-run website and the volunteer coordinator for the Women, Gender, and Sexual Equity Department, opportunities which further fueled her desire to study women’s health issues.  She is particularly interested in child and maternal health, adolescent sexuality, and sexual education. Andrea is a master’s student in the Community Health Sciences Department at FSPH and is thankful to be the Fielding Fellow in Child and Maternal Health Care. During her free time, Andrea enjoys hiking the trails of Santa Barbara, eating great food in Los Angeles, and scrap-booking her adventures.