Reproductive Health Interest Group event showcasing research of grad students

On Thursday, May 17, the UCLA Reproductive Health Interest Group hosted a lunchtime student research panel focused on gender and reproductive health. The student presenters were Amy Alterman, Johanna Kirk, Cristina Hunter, Trista Benitez, and Makaela Newsome. With these many presenters and only 40 minutes of room space, the presentations were brief yet still managed to captivate the audience.

The research topics were diverse. Amy focused on the Lady Parts Justice League and their uplifting approach to abortion access advocacy. Johanna explored the language and imagery used by instructors in dance videos targeted to pregnant women. Cristina and Trista shared their research and impact with Creating Space, a lactation support and accommodation project on campus. Makaela highlighted her experience with Ugandan traditional birth attendants and the important roles they serve in their communities.

It was clear that each presenter was passionate about their research, and it seemed that their stories stirred genuine interest and engagement within every person listening. This was a valuable opportunity to hear about the work with which UCLA students are involved, and we hope to hear from more student researchers in the future.