Lidia Carlton (MPH 2005, CHS)

Planning Committee for the 2015 Southern California Sexual Health Summit.

Planning Committee for the 2015 Southern California Sexual Health Summit. Front left in black and white is Lidia Carlton


Lidia served as the RHIG Speaker Committee Co-Chair for the 2004/2005 academic year. She helped facilitate some of the initial RHIG activities around addressing HIV in the adult film industry.

Following graduation from UCLA from the Community Health Sciences program, Lidia took on the role of Program Manager in the Health Education Department of Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino Counties. Her primary role was to oversee health education staff and program for a variety of community education programs throughout the region.  One of the highlights of her experience at Planned Parenthood was the development and implementation of the Online Hotline instant messaging system to address sexual health questions. The program has since been scaled-up for use by Planned Parenthood on a national level.

Lidia transitioned to the California Department of Public Health, STD Control Branch in 2008 as the Regional Health Education Coordinator for Southern California. She worked extensively with the Southern California local health jurisdictions to build local capacity around STD primary prevention, particularly focused on enhancing programs for youth. Lidia provided extensive training and technical assistance to a range of non-clinical providers in the region; from teachers to HIV counselors to lay public who were interested in sexual health.

Lidia has moved from her role supporting the Southern California region into the role of the Sexual Health Initiatives Lead (SHIL) for the STD Control Branch. As the State’s SHIL, she works closely with the California Department of Education and other youth-serving stakeholders to provide training and technical assistance to school districts and youth providers. Her program expertise and focus are primarily in the areas of improving sexual health education in California schools, connecting youth to sexual health services, and enhancing safe and supportive school environments for LGBTQ youth. In support of this work, Lidia represents the STD Control Branch on the Steering Committee of the Adolescent Sexual Health Work Group (ASHWG). ASHWG is a state level collaborative working group comprised of government agencies and non-government agencies with a goal to improve adolescent sexual health across California.

Since graduating from UCLA, Lidia has continued to maintain ties to the UCLA community through the Southern California Sexual Health Collaborative email list, which includes current and former RHIGsters and other UCLA folks interested in sexual health. Lidia very rarely visits the campus because she lives on the Eastside and the Westside is very far and the traffic is very bad.

When she’s not doing cool sexual health work, Lidia is involved with Trade School Los Angeles – a community organization that offers community classes for barter instead of money. She also officiates for the LA Derby Dolls all-female roller derby league under the moniker Syphilis Diller.