International Internships

International Internships on Population and Reproductive Health

Every year, the Bixby Center funds international summer internships for UCLA Fielding School of Public Health students interested in reproductive health and family planning. Applications for funding are available in March this year and due in early May. For UCLA students wishing to have a list of past interns and placements, please contact Rachel Veerman (At: rveerman AT ucla . edu). Students who receive Bixby funds will make short presentations on their internships in the fall.

To be considered for funding, submit an application and upload all supporting material to (2019 applications TBD)

Applicants will be notified by (2019 applications TBD)

Elissa Bradley Domestic Internship (Internship is no longer available)

While at UCLA, Elissa Bradley MPH ’08 was an outstanding student in the Community Health Sciences department and received the Bixby Certificate in Population and Reproductive Health.  For her summer fieldwork, she was awarded a Bixby internship to work in Zambia.  Elissa was also RHIG’s Special Projects Co-Chair and helped organize events for RHIG members, such as participation in Reproductive Freedom Day in Sacramento in 2007. In March 2012, she died in a tragic accident.  This fund was set up by friends and family members to memorialize her and we have been able to fund one student a year.

The two students who received the funds are:

Erica Ciaraldi (Summer 2012), completed her internship at the New York Population Council.  The primary objective of her field study was to assist the Reproductive Health program’s international team with preparatory efforts for the progesterone vaginal ring acceptability study.

Jessica Barnette (Summer 2014), completed her internship at John Snow, Inc., Rosslyn, VA.  The goal of the internship was to integrate herself into the JSI team that focuses on reproductive health in crisis settings. Projects she worked on include: interviewing reproductive health workers in Amman, Jordan about emergency contraceptive use in urban refugee communities; developing country profiles where emergency contraception is not registered; researching and co‐drafting country profile that provides in depth information on the individual cadres of health providers in Haiti.

Photos from the Global Health Internship Showcase 2014 featuring Bixby and Drabkin Fellows

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