Ashley Avella
Student: Ashley Avella
Internship Year:

My first objective was to provide reproductive health education to the youth. I participated in interpersonal and group counseling sessions at three different outreach posts. I also participated in sports days, debate sessions, and parent drug and alcohol training. My second objective was to conduct a one-year evaluation of the HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care, and Support Project for out of school, street and slum young people and youth sex workers in Kampala and Mukono Districts. This evaluation was designed to look at the knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of the staff and beneficiaries of this project at five different outreach posts and drop-in centers. To conduct the evaluation, I created four different questionnaires. After all of the interviews were completed, I compiled and analyzed the responses and created an evaluation report. In the report, I discussed recommendations for improvements of the project and for future planning of other similar projects.

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