Brock Dumville
Student: Brock Dumville
Internship Year:

Sunukaddu is a multi-level training program that develops youths’ communication and critical thinking skills. The primary responsibilities of my internship were to (1) conduct process observation of Sunukaddu 2.0 program to assess fidelity of implementation to the proposed curriculum; (2) conduct impact evaluation of Sunukaddu 2.0; and (3) develop recommendations for a “train the trainers” program for future Sunukaddu 2.0 trainers. My work produced a collection of data regarding the efficacy of Sunukaddu 2.0. I also compiled various indicators of program success. The tools included: an impact questionnaire administered at the beginning and end of the training; pre and posttests for each session to evaluate whether each session’s teaching goals are being met; observation forms for each session to assess fidelity to the written curriculum; a focus group guide used to run three focus groups with the program participants following the completion of the training; and a document outlining recommendations for a workshop to scale up the Sunukaddu program.

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