Claudia Gilmore
Student: Claudia Gilmore
Internship Year:

I developed and pretested information, education and communication (IEC) materials for Jhpiego Zambia’s new cervical cancer prevention (CECAP) program, which trains local providers to screen and treat women for cervical cancer in a single visit approach using visual inspection with acedic acid (VIA) and cryotherapy. In order to develop the IEC materials, I conducted several needs assessments and performed the first ever mapping and analysis of CECAP IEC materials in Zambia. The expertise I acquired allowed me to assist in successful advocacy efforts before national stakeholders, resulting in an opportunity for Jhpiego Zambia to develop and pilot training materials for national scale-up of CECAP services.

Greatest Public Health Lesson
I learned that it takes a village to do public health. When I created my needs assessment interview guides and pretest tools, I tapped into the expertise of our M&E teams both in Zambia and in the United States. When I needed to design my IEC materials, I sought help from the graphic arts team in the United States. And when I needed my materials ordered and distributed, I was completely dependent on the skills of our local procurement officer. Public health is all about multi-disciplinary teamwork.

Favorite Memory
Peer educators mobilized women in their village so I could pretest my IEC materials in a community setting. It was my first focus group to facilitate, and 71 women showed up!! Prevention can be a tough sell, even in the United States. Regardless of the challenges these women face, they were eager to learn how to stay healthy. This was the first time I realized the real, tangible impact I was making in people’s lives through public health.

Claudia Gilmore from UCLA Fielding SPH on Vimeo.