Courtney Burks
Student: Courtney Burks
Internship Year:

A large part of my summer internship was spent working on abortion related-research. I collected and analyzed data for a qualitative study on the quality of abortion services in Mexico City health clinics and analyzed data and wrote several components of a manuscript for a study on abortion public opinion in the capital. I also had the opportunity to assist with various on-going projects, including: (1) dissemination materials for a national abortion incidence study in collaboration with the Guttmacher Institute; (2) a medical abortion study for the World Health Organization in collaboration with the Mexican National Institute of Public Health (INSP); (3) an update on the use and availability of emergency contraceptives in Latin America; (4) a research proposal on child trafficking in Belize; (5) a proposal for a working group on over-the-counter birth control in the US; and (6) a program evaluation proposal on political and gender-based violence in Guatemala. I also analyzed data and created a presentation on a study regarding the sexual and reproductive health status and intimate partner violence among women living with HIV in Mexico for the International AIDS Conference held in Mexico City.


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