Danielle Harris
Student: Danielle Harris
Internship Year:

Responsibilities As an intern with Population Council in Nairobi, Kenya, I worked on two projects: Reproductive Health (RH) Vouchers, a means of alternative healthcare financing for safe motherhood, long-term family planning, and gender-based violence recovery services, as well as a study on Skilled Birth Attendance (SBA), validating indicators of quality maternal health care. For RH Vouchers, my responsibilities included qualitative analysis of in-depth interviews with women who utilized RH Vouchers, as well as overhauling a dataset of characteristics of 40 RH Vouchers program for use in a major review. For the SBA study, I participated in revising study tools, facilitating fieldworker training sessions, and attending days of both pre-testing and the actual study to learn of and address unexpected issues. Greatest Public Health Lesson While I learned several public health lessons during my internship abroad, a few of the greatest were the importance designing adequate tools for data collection, investing time and energy in thorough fieldworker training, and regularly touching base with fieldworkers to debrief and address unanticipated issues. Appropriate tools, training and communication with fieldworkers strongly contribute to the quality of data collected, and thus the overall quality of research conducted. Favorite Memory One of my favorite memories while interning for Population Council was visiting Pumwani Maternity Hospital for the pre-test of the Skilled Birth Attendance (SBA) study. On this day, I was able to join the SBA observation team, comprised of Kenyan nurses and midwives, in the labor and delivery ward. Within a few short hours, I observed the birth of three healthy babies! Another of my favorite memories is hiking Ngong Hills with Annie, also an intern with Population Council and UCLA MPH candidate.

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