Elinam Dellor
Student: Elinam Dellor
Internship Year:

I worked with the Adolescent Health and Development Program of the Ghana Health Service to develop and pre-test educational materials for the Adolescent Health Corners (AHCs). The materials provided information to teens, ranging from abortion laws to family planning options to performing testicular self-exams. Since the AHCs stressed behavior change through counseling, we also revised an existing Adolescent Health Manual used to train service providers to include a chapter on counseling adolescents. The manual was to be used to train public health nurses and peer educators. Finally, as a preparation for nationwide monitoring and evaluation, I visited three AHCs in the Greater Accra area to monitor and observe the types of resources available, the average caseload, and the number of staff present. Based on my observations, I wrote a proposal requesting the funding and personnel needed to perform future monitoring visits.