Erica Ciaraldi
Student: Erica Ciaraldi
Internship Year:

I spent eleven weeks with the Population Council’s Reproductive Health program in New York City. The primary objective of my field study was to assist the Reproductive Health program’s international team with preparatory efforts for the progesterone vaginal ring (PVR) acceptability study, which is scheduled to begin at the end of 2012. To this end, I worked with my preceptors on the preparation of the study protocol and accompanying documents, which was submitted for Institutional Review Board approval; participated in international team teleconferences; and analyzed country mapping documents sent from the various offices and used them to write reports for donors profiling countries where the study will take place. I was involved with several other projects involving the PVR but not directly related to the acceptability study, including writing a report on the history of the PVR for Council staff and records. This involved conducting an extensive literature review, developing an interview guide, and contacting and interviewing various scientists, staff members, and researchers who contributed to the development of the PVR over four decades. I also worked closely with my preceptor to research and draft a paper about program guidance for countries planning to introduce the PVR, which she later presented at an international conference.

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