Erica Shehane
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Student: Erica Shehane
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I designed and conducted a formative investigation of HIV risks and prevention in drug treatment centers located in Guatemala City and San Salvador. One of the main objectives was to estimate injecting drug use in selected drug treatment centers. Additionally, the study intended to describe the institutional structure of drug treatment and arrive at a better understanding about how HIV cases were managed in drug treatment centers in Guatemala City and San Salvador. A final aim was to determine how drug treatment could be improved by taking into consideration HIV/AIDS prevention. The study consisted of two parts: a three-question survey of all clients in the drug treatment centers that participated in the study and in-depth interviews with selected staff and clients. My preceptor and I presented preliminary results from the surveys and the interviews to local stakeholders. The Mexico City UN Office of Drugs and Crime’s (UNODC) intended to publish and disseminate a final report with our findings and recommendations to drug treatment centers and National AIDS Programs in Central American countries.