Eunice Muthengi
Student: Eunice Muthengi
Internship Year:

I worked for the Poverty, Gender and Youth Program, which develops and evaluates programs related to empowerment, health, education, and livelihoods—to address the needs of poor women and youth. The majority of my time was spent conducting an Impact Evaluation of the Berhane Hewan program in Ethiopia. For the evaluation, I cleaned the baseline and endline datasets and conducted descriptive and multivariate analysis to determine the differences in behaviors and attitudes that could be attributed to the program. I compiled a final report describing the sample characteristics, program exposure, and the impact of the program on education, marriage, social networks and reproductive health. I also conducted an assessment of the Binti Pamoja program which is a reproductive health and women’s rights center for adolescent girls. For this evaluation, I analyzed qualitative data collected through face-to-face interviews with adolescent girls who had either recent graduates or current participants in the program.


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