Irish del Rosario
Organization: ,
Student: Irish del Rosario
Internship Year:

-Interpret the data and write papers on:
“Factors Affecting Contraceptive use for Family Planning in Bangladesh”
“A Verbal Autopsy of Pregnancy Related Deaths in rural Matlab, Bangladesh”

-Contribute to papers and policy briefs on the following:
“Strengthening Health Systems Capacity to Monitor and Evaluate Programmes Targeted at Reducing Abortion-related Maternal Mortality in Bangladesh” (SMRAC)
24 policy brief edits titles include: Household food insecurity, Factors Associated with ANC visit, Village Doctors, Medical Waste Management, Spousal Communication

-Prepare for proposed policies in family planning to address unmet needs in family planning to the government.

-Train and design fieldwork protocol for pharmacy mapping of the availability of MM-pack
Create a map through ArcGIS to map out the availability of the pharmacies

-Project proposal on maternal morbidity and mortality and how it could be mitigated by adequate health systems

Greatest Public Health Lesson: The greatest public health lesson I learned in my internship is that providing or increasing the supply and access is only half the job. It is equally important to take it further and outreach the community so they are aware of what is available and how to use it. The supply of products and services rarely show much affect on health outcome if the uptake and community’s knowledge of and response to those services is not further examined.

Favorite Memory: My favorite memorie of my internship would be the meeting at the government office for the proposed policy plans to address the unmet needs in family planning. I felt that it connected my work in the research field to action. It was equally interesting how the different parties worked together to make this event happen. The three organizations, Family Planning Department of Bangladesh, ICDDR,B, and Partners in Population and Development (PPD) discussed the proposed interventions and policies. The head of the Family Planning Department, however, was not knowledgeable on issues of family planning services and was making inappropriate jokes about adolescent pregnancies. They still “accepted” the policies, however, it showed me the reality of the issues and the need to be clear and precise on proposals so that it can be adapted in the manner that is most effective and efficient.

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