Jennifer Toller
Student: Jennifer Toller
Internship Year:

The primary focus of my internship was chlamydia prevention. In 2002, the STD Program received a grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for a chlamydia prevention project called the Downtown Chlamydia Mobilization Project. The goal of the Downtown Chlamydia Mobilization Project (DCMP) is to improve the primary and secondary prevention of chlamydia among immigrant Latinas working as vendors in the Garment District. As part of the internship, I participated in each part of DCMP, and gained knowledge and skills in health education, especially among Latinas. I spent at least one day per week on the streets of the Garment District with my coworkers, pushing a brightly-colored office cart, giving out condoms and health information, and answering questions, focusing on our target population of vendors. Other specific activities in which I participated as part of the fieldwork experience include: attending trainings on STD education; educating women (in English and Spanish) in the Garment District about STDs and free reproductive health services, using an informal, street-education approach; performing patient intake and HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia testing through the mobile outreach van; assisting in the development of a discreet way to bring urine-based chlamydia and gonorrhea testing to the vendors; participating in monthly coalition meetings for the Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health; and developing a laminated resource card (English and Spanish versions) with reproductive health resources listed on one side and worker rights / worker safety resources listed on the other.

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