Khoban Kochai
Student: Khoban Kochai
Internship Year:

I conducted an independent survey in provinces in West, Central, and East Java. After an extensive literature review, I designed a structured face-to-face questionnaire as well as focus group and semi-structured interview guidelines to use in my field work. Specifically, questions addressed general AI knowledge, level of activity with regard to follow-up of assigned duties, frequency of visiting households in village, and frequency of reporting potential AI outbreaks. Focus groups were designed to assess if VAICs were recognized in community and if activities were successful in raising community AI awareness. I traveled to twelve villages in six provinces throughout Java and conducted a total of 45 face-to-face interviews with VAICs and five focus group discussions at the community-level. After coding and analyzing the quantitative and qualitative data, I compiled major themes and trends along with recommendations for future evaluation of the project into a report for the CBAIC team.