Kristen Shellenberg
Student: Kristen Shellenberg
Internship Year:

I worked on a project titled “Creating Opportunities for Mayan Adolescent Girls,” which forms part of a global Population Council program titled “Transitions to Adulthood.” I assisted in the interviewing and selection of 15-20 year old indigenous women to participate in the project. I also edited the Qualitative Data Analysis Final Report, and wrote the summary document, “Voices of Vulnerable and Underserved Adolescents in Guatemala – A Summary of the Qualitative Study: Understanding the Lives of Indigenous Young People in Guatemala.” In addition, I updated interview guides in Spanish for an Adolescent Program Inventory to be conducted by the Population Council. Finally, I assisted with the organization and execution of a national-level forum on adolescent programs in Guatemala, titled “Utilizing Multisectoral Strategies to Better the Lives of Vulnerable Young People in Guatemala.”